Welcome to Chacrit Sitdhiwej | ชาคริต สิทธิเวช

Sharing is sometimes more demanding than giving.

— Mary Catherine Bateson


This is the English version of ชาคริต สิทธิเวช | Chacrit Sitdhiwej. This website is NOT a mirror of ชาคริต สิทธิเวช | Chacrit Sitdhiwej. Rather, it is intended to share WHAT and HOW  ชาคริต สิทธิเวช | Chacrit Sitdhiwej  has been designed and disseminated to assist, myself to deliver, and students to study and learn, my natural resources and environmental law classes, respectively.

All the classes, except ES367,which is designed for non-law students, i.e. for environmental science students at Thammasat University Faculty of Science and Technology‘s Department of Environmental Science, are originally designed for LLM in Natural Resources and Environmental Law students at Thammasat University Faculty of Law.

In order to meet certain students’ learning habits or nature, as well as to meet my own expectations, ชาคริต สิทธิเวช | Chacrit Sitdhiwej has been evolved, i.e. redesigned, rearranged, improved, or updated—mostly annually. I shall share such evolvement on this English version as well.


Chacrit Sitdhiwej | ชาคริต สิทธิเวช